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Helical Filters

Toko Filter, UHF Filter, VHF Filter, & SHF Filter

MCV Microwave Helical Filters feature small bandwidth, custom design and reliably tunable center frequency in UHF, VHF and SHF frequency range. MCV Helical Filters are silver plated in through-hole package to offer higher Q and low insertion loss. Toko Helical Filter (5HW, 5HT, 7HW, 7HT, 5CHW, 5CHT, 5CHLW, CBT13, CBW13 series) replacements are available in pin-to-pin footprint match through-hole package.  Send us your helical filter specification requirements today and we will respond quickly to your request.

Product Data & Specification Sheets available for Download


  • Excellent environmental performance (see General Specifications)
  • Rugged package design
  • Available in standard and special (enhanced) parameters
  • Custom designs by request
  • M6HW Series:  6mm, 2-pole
  • M6HT Series: 6mm, 3-pole
  • Temwell Helical Filters
  • Toko Helical Filter Replacement (5HW, 5HT, 7HW, 7HT, 5CHW, 5CHT, 5CHLW, CBT13, CBW13)
  • Helical Filter Engineering Sample Kit