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MCV Microwave will be exhibiting at the 2022 International Microwave Symposium in Denver, Colorado. 

Booth #3009

Interview with Ed Liang, Founder of MCV Microwave, About Unique Ceramic Materials

Ed Liang Discusses MCV Microwave's Unique Filter Capabilities at EDI Con 2018

EDI Con 2018

MCV Microwave exhibited at the 2018 EDI CON

MCV Microwave was a finalist for the EDI CON 2018 Outstanding Paper Awards in the 5G and Advanced Communications category!

MCV Microwave Spatial Filters for Wireless Communication

MCV Microwave is proud to be certified by the US Pan Asian Chamber of Commerce as an Asian American Certified Supplier to Government Agencies and Corporations. MCV is a Woman Owned Minority Supplier and as such, brings value to prime vendors and suppliers to Federal, State and Municipal Programs. The company provides end to end, design, test and manufacturing of RF and Microwave Filters, Antennas, Duplexers and Ceramic Dielectric Materials.

US Pan Asian Chamber of Commerce Certification

MCV Microwave exhibited at the 2018 International Microwave Symposium in Philadelphia, Pennslyvania. 


MCV Microwave exhibited our full line of Filter and Ceramic Antenna products
at EDICON in Boston.

Congratulations to MCV Microwave!

Asian American Business Award

MCV Technologies is one of USPAACC Fast 100 Asian American companies that has displayed resilience and excellent performance. FAST 100 companies like MCV give reason to celebrate impressive achievements in the Asian American community. In an excerpt from the letter of congratulations, it reads " The pan Asian American community is proud of you. The country values your contributions to the economic vitality of American life..."

MCV Microwave Exhibited at IEEE MTTS 2016, May 22-27, San Francisco, CA.


MCV-Microwave designs and manufactures high-performance LC, Ceramic, Cavity, Helical Filters and Dielectric Resonators. Ultra-high Q Dielectric Resonators achieve QxF greater than 300,000 at 10 GHz. MCV offers 10-day turn-around for custom LC filters. Ceramic and Cavity filters can be shipped in 2-3 weeks. New products include high power / low PIM LTE ceramic filters, microstrip filters, high frequency LC filters and novel antennas. MCV microwave filters cover wide frequency range including UHF/VHF, 4G LTE, DVB-T, CATV, GPS L1/L2/L5, ISM915 MHz/2.4 GHz/5.8 GHz, 802.11, SATCOM and mm-wave for cellular DAS, small cell, public safety, industrial and military applications. Visit MCV at IMS booth #416, we welcome your filter, antenna and material challenges.

MCV Microwave Exhibited at IWCE 2016, March 21-25, Las Vegas, NV.


MCV-Microwave (Booth #1971 ) designs and manufactures high performance custom filters, antennas and dielectric resonators with Q x F up to 300,000 at 10 GHz. MCV high power ceramic filters handle 60W continuous power, with PIM comparable to a cavity filter in half the size. MCV bandpass, band reject, highpass, lowpass, multiplexer, MIMO Filters cover UHF/VHF, 4G LTE, GPS, ISM and SATCOM for cellular DAS, small cell, in-building networks, Iot, public safety, industrial and military applications.​



Microwave Journal Executive Interview:

Ed Liang, co-founder and CTO of MCV Microwave

Ceramic technology enables new antenna products

Now live on the Microwave Journal Website. Click here to view the full interview. 
URL: http://www.microwavejournal.com/articles/25296-executive-interview---ed-liang-co-founder-and-cto-of-mcv-microwave

MCV Microwave presented at EESAT Technical Conference, September 21-24, 2015 in Portland, OR.

  Managing Distributed Energy Storage in Utility Grid: Upcoming Challenges

      Speaker: Edward Liang, Ph.D.


A large number of distributed energy storage are needed to support today’s grid for deferred upgrade, demand response reduction and frequency regulation in long distance T&D in large territory.  Energy storage can be installed alongside renewable generation to provide much needed smoothing support.  The challenge for ISO/DSO is how to manage and control a large number of energy storage along with various types of generation, such as renewable, cogeneration, CHP, etc.  One of the solutions is to aggregate these energy storages and various power plants into one “large generation asset” using “virtual power plant” (VPP) application software.  Energen GridMax’s proprietary utility scale GridMaxTM VPP is a SCADA solution which has been deployed to manage smart grid/micro-grid since 2008 in Europe.  In 2014, out of total of 650MW assets, our VPP and energy storage generated over $100M in revenues for a 232MW utility plant in Hungary.  Summary and opportunities of GridMaxTM VPP will be presented. 

MCV Microwave exhibited at 2015 Navy Gold Coast, August 25-26, San Diego, CA.


MCV Microwave exhibited at APCO 2015, August(16-19), Washington, D.C.

 San Diego, Calif., (August 16-19)– MCV Microwave will be exhibited at the APCO 2015  (http://www.apco2015.org/) at booth #1208 from 16-19 August  2015 in Washington, D.C..  Products on  display at the booth include High Frequency LC Filters, High Power / Low PIM  Ceramic Filters in  through-hole and wave guide format, Ceramic and Cavity LTE Duplexers,  Multiplexers and band  reject Filters, UHF/VHF/GPS Fillters, Novel Antenna designs and  prototypes.

MCV-Microwave designs and manufactures high performance custom filters, antennas, RF coils and dielectric resonators with Q x F as high as 300,000 at 10 GHz. MCV high power ceramic filters handle 60W continuous power, with PIM comparable to that of a cavity filter, in half the size. MCV LC, Ceramic, Helical, Cavity Filters and Antennas cover UHF/VHF, 4G LTE, DVB-T, GPS L1/L2/L5,ISM915MHz/2.4GHz/5.8GHz, 802.11 and SATCOM frequencies for cellular DAS, small cell, public safety,industrial, and military applications.

MCV Microwave presented at Antenna Systems 2015, November 5-6, Las Vegas, NV.

11:20am A Hybrid “Hexa-Band” Cellular Antenna

Mark W. Ingalls – Machine2Wireless LLC
Michael D. Glover, Ph.D – University of Arkansas
Ed Liang, Ph. D. – MCV Microwave, Inc.

Typically, an internal antenna may be custom designed and integrated into a radio’s printed wiring board (PWB) or case, implemented as a separate component plus matching elements that are then attached to the  PWB or remotely connected to the radio by means of a cable and connectors. These alternatives suffer from  both inflexibility and poor economy. A new hexa-band cellular antenna compatible with mass production has  been designed and tested that is partly integrated into the PWB. The new design thus offers the benefits of  both customization and high-volume production without requiring a separate matching network. - See more at: http://www.antennasonline.com/conferences/program/conference-sessions/#sthash.JPoQzAjd